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Rubber Refiner

Rubber refiner is mainly used for refining of reclaimed rubber and rubber sheeting.  The rolls are made of chilled alloy cast iron with Wear-resistant hard surfaces. The two rolls are smooth ones with bored cavities and can be cooled homogeneously. The protective device is provided to protect the main parts from damage due to overload.  In case of emergency, the safety rod is pulled down and the rolls will be stopped immediately.

Type XKJ—450 XKJ—480
Roller Diameter (mm) Ф450/510 Ф480/610
Working length of rollers (mm) 800 800
Linear speed of front roller (m/min) 37.5 26.4
Friction ratio of front and rear roll 01:01.7 01:01.8
Max gap (mm) 10 15
Capacity per batch (Kg) 200 300
Overall dimension (mm) 4060×2200×1470 5030×2580×1780
Weight (Kg) about 10000 about 20000

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