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S Type Four Roller Calender
The 4 rolls are separately driven by 4 DC motors, which allows a wide rang of speed adjustment. The rotating speed ratio of the 4 rolls can be freely adjusted. The rolls are equipped with per-loading device and lubrication failure alarm device, as well as nip display and speed display.
The rolls are arranged in S form, which provides a strong state of being pressed and a convenience of being operated. The rolls are made of chilled cast iron of vanadium and titanium alloy with hard and anti-wear surface. The central-bored and well-processed roll makes temperature of the roll surface well proportioned.
The working face of the rolls 1# & 4# has a camber, which can eliminate bending impact on rolls in working process. Thus, it is possible to obtain products with same thickness along axial direction.
The transmission system adopts hardened-gear speed reducer, which has a compacted structure with lower noise and higher transmission efficiency.
The machine is equipped with emergency device. When an emergent accident occurs, the calendar will be immediately stopped to open the roll space so as to protect the operator and equipment.
The machine is chiefly applied to put rubber at the same time on both sides of fabrics (cord fabric, canvas, etc.); to rubberize fabrics; or to make rubber sheets.
Model & Specifications XY-4S1730Φ610 XY-4S2000Φ610
Arrangement of Rolls S shape S shape
Number of Rolls 4 4
Working Diameter of Rollsmm 610 610
Working Length of Rollsmm 1730 2000
Linear Speed of Middle Roll (3#) (m/min) 0~45 0~45
Rotating Speed Ratio of Rolls 1#2#3#4# Adjustable at will Adjustable at will
Nip Range 0~40 mm 0~40 mm
Max. Roll Temperature 130 130
Min. Thickness of Products (mm) 0.2 0.2
Min. Width of Products (mm) 1500 1800
Main Motor Model Z4-200-31 (4 sets) Z4-200-31 (4 sets)
Power (KW) 4x55 4x55
Rotating Speed (r/min) 1000 1000
Model of Hard-gear Speed Reducer ZSYF298 ZSYF298
Reduction Ratio 42.1 42.1
Location of Preloading Device 1#2#3#4# 1#2#3#4#
Max. Preloading Force on Each Side (kg) 8000 8000
Steam Pressure (Mpa) 0.3~0.5 0.3~0.5
Cooling Water Pressure (Mpa) 0.2~0.3 0.2~0.3
Overall Dimensions (mm) 8800x3300x4160 9030x3300x4160
Weight (kg) 69700 73700

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